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At the task. UWZM staff and volunteers are always busy at a multitude of museum projects and duties!


Laura Monahan

Position title: Associate Director & Curator of Osteology

Email: lmonahan2@wisc.edu

Emily Halverson

Position title: Collections Manager

Email: elannoye@wisc.edu

John Lyons

Position title: Curator of Fishes

Email: jdlyons@wisc.edu

Jason Miszaniec

Position title: Museum Scientist

Email: miszaniec@wisc.edu

Kandis Elliot

Position title: UWZM Media Studio Senior Artist Emerita

Email: keelliot@wisc.edu

Janet Speth

Position title: Zooarchaeologist

Email: jmspeth@wisc.edu

William Reeder

Position title: Researcher, Adjunct Librarian, and former Director

Email: pizonyx@charter.net

Elizabeth Pillaert

Position title: Distinguished Researcher, Curator Emerita of Osteology

Email: pillaert@wisc.edu

Adjunct, Emeritus and Volunteer Staff

wdt_ID Name Title Contact
6 Dr. Robert Bleiweiss Adjunct Curator of Birds rebleiwe@wisc.edu
7 Dr. Nazan Gillie Adjunct Curator of Aquatic Invertebrates atilla@wisc.edu
8 Marlin P. Johnson Adjunct Associate Curator of Fishes
10 Dr. Anthony M. Carter Adjunct Curator of the Harland W. Mossman Anatomical Collection
11 Dr. Carolyn Freiwald Adjunct Associate Researcher of Archaeology
12 Dr. Joshua M. Kapfer Adjunct Associate Curator of Amphibians and Reptiles kapferj@uww.edu
13 Dr. Gregory C. Mayer Adjunct Curator of Reptiles and Amphibians mayerg@uwp.edu
15 Konrad Schmidt Adjunct Curator of Fishes

We couldn’t do our work without the Dermestarium (aka “bug room”).