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At the task. UWZM staff and volunteers are always busy at a multitude of museum projects and duties!


Prashant Sharma

Position title: IBio Associate Professor; UWZM Faculty Director

Email: prashant.sharma@wisc.edu

Laura Monahan

Position title: Associate Director; Curator of Osteology

Email: lmonahan2@wisc.edu

John Stuhler

Position title: Curator of Mammals and Birds

Email: stuhler@wisc.edu

John Lyons

Position title: Curator of Fishes

Email: jdlyons@wisc.edu

Emily Halverson

Position title: Collections Manager

Email: elannoye@wisc.edu

Kandis Elliot

Position title: UWZM Media Studio Senior Artist Emerita

Email: keelliot@wisc.edu

Janet Speth

Position title: Zooarchaeologist

Email: jmspeth@wisc.edu

William Reeder

Position title: Researcher, Adjunct Librarian, and former Director

Email: pizonyx@charter.net

Elizabeth Pillaert

Position title: Distinguished Researcher, Curator Emerita of Osteology

Email: pillaert@wisc.edu


We couldn’t do our work without the Dermestarium (aka “bug room”).