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Jellyfish specimenUWZM Opportunities for Giving

Options exist for contributing to any of the currently established funds, or a separate fund may be established which allows the donor to specify how the funds be used.  Please contact the Museum if you would like to discuss a potential donation.

Zoological Museum Centenary Fund: 132860010
The Centenary fund provides database development, capital equipment, staff development and general support for the Zoological Museum. Established as a matching challenge grant by William G. and Lynn R. Reeder, matched by faculty and museum friends donations in our 100th year.

Harland Mossman Zoological Collection: 132860679
Harland W. Mossman, Archie S. Mossman, Sue Y. Lee, and other family members established and amplified this fund to provide support for the Mossman research collection of microscope slides and preserved anatomical materials, especially of vertebrate reproductive systems, for which the UW Zoological Museum is the repository.

Zoology Museum Endowment Fund: 132863920
Established by William G. and Lynn R. Reeder to support field and laboratory museum research and to enhance educational and research opportunities for students and visiting scientists utilizing the collections.

Zoological Museum Osteological Collection Fund: 132869330
The fund was established by E. Elizabeth Pillaert, William G. and Lynn R. Reeder in support of field and laboratory work for the museum osteological collection. It was initially established to support osteological and archaeological research and to increase the size and scope of the Galápagos Islands skeletal collection.

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